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Model # Product Name Manufacturer

520B PIE 520B Thermocouple simulator PIE

521 PIE 521 8 Type T/C Plus mV Simulator PIE

521B PIE 521B Thermocouple Source PIE

522 PIE 522 Read & Soure T/C Calibtor 8 types Plus mV PIE

530 PIE 530 4-20mA Loop Calibrator PIE

531 PIE 531 4-20mA Source & Read Calibrator PIE

532 PIE 532 4-20 mA / Voltage Loop Calibrator with Loop Diagnostics PIE

535 PIE 535 4-20 & 10-50 mA / Voltage Dual Range Loop Calibrator PIE

541 PIE 541 Frequency Calibrator with Totalizer PIE

020-0102 PIE 60 Hz 6V 1000mA AC Power Adaptor PIE

020-0101 PIE 60 Hz 6V 600mA AC Power Adaptor PIE

850 Pie 850 10-50 mA Multifunction Process Calibrator PIE

830 PIE Multifunction Process Calibrator PIE

211 PIECAL 211 Evolution Line RTD Calibrator PIE

134 PIECAL 134 Evolution Line Milliamp Calibrator PIE

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